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Sonic Bloom Pre-Party / Lafa Taylor, STS9, Emancipator

April 24, 2015

Denver, CO

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California Roots Pre Party / Amp Live

May 21, 2015

Monterey, CA

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Sonic Bloom / Lafa Taylor

June 18, 2015

Rye, CO

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Electric Forest / Lafa Taylor

June 25, 2015

Great Township, MI

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Northern Nights Festival

July 17 – 19, 2015

Piercy, CA

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We have the pleasure of collaborating with innovative artists, events, and organizations within our community.

The possibilities of promotion
in the modern digital world are endless.

Euphoric creates a unique experience that enables marketing opportunities to be streamlined.
This allows efficient execution of cutting edge yet meticulous promotion to ensue.
We are the best at combining creative digital marketing with good old-fashioned grassroots hustle.
Let us help you flourish.

Promotion, Management, and Production

Press Lounge

  • Engage and host the most applicable press for festival and music culture.
  • Manage press promotion, before, during and after the event.
  • Produce supreme on-site content that will last a lifetime.
  • Create streamlined marketing synergy between press, artists, and events.
  • Incorporate creative and engaging ways to interact with the press and artists. This can include complimentary massage, silent disco, happy hours, and more.

Social Media

  • Diverse content creation & distribution
  • Consistent updates from street team & Euphoric Styles social media outlets
  • Facebook invites
  • Cross promotion support from collaborators in the community

Street Team

  • We promote your festival at the most relevant shows and events.
  • Efficiently spread the word on college campuses & downtown locations.
  • We have a dedicated community of promoters who get the job done right with passion
  • We take tremendous pride in our dedication to the ‘old-school’ hustle.

Event Production

  • We can effectively work with any producer spearheading lighting, sound, staging, vendors, and merchandise
  • We handle logistics and operations
  • Artist Relations & Advancing
  • Ambiance Coordination

Our Team

Hana Campbell-Cyr

Hana Campbell-Cyr

Artist Relations, Project Manager

Brendan Ward

Brendan Ward

Co-Founder, Director

Ian Stratton

Ian Stratton

Editor, Euphoric.Net

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Manager, Street Team Coordinator

Jared Lindo

Jared Lindo

Web Developer

Chris Light

Chris Light

Artist Relations, Writer

Mission Statement

Euphoric Styles is dedicated to unifying a growing community centralized around music, arts, entertainment and the thriving counter-culture that we love. We serve festival producers, artists, fans, and others within our immense network, by helping them actualize their vision.

Production, management, and promotion.

Based in Santa Cruz, Ca. Founded in 2010

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Please feel free to drop us a line and a euphoric representative will reply shortly.